About South Queens Chamber of Commerce
We are More than 100 Years Old!

The South Queens Chamber of Commerce has represented the business community for over 100 years. It has, in the past, been a powerful, unified force encouraging commercial and industrial development. It has the potential to be such a force again - with a large, strong and active membership. If you conduct business in South Queens, you owe it to yourself and the community to become a member.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

It is a voluntary group of business and professional citizens in the South Queens area that collectively represent the voice of businesses for the local area and have been doing that since 1900. The Chamber harnesses the tremendous potential of the private enterprise system and enables its members to accomplish collectively what no business could do by them selves.

How does is it work?

The policies and programs of the Chamber are determined by the Board of Directors elected by membership.

What does it do?

The Chamber, with others, promotes the areaís economy and encourages business and industrial investment, which broadens the tax base and increases employment. To business prospects and newcomers, the Chamber represents the communityís self-image. Chambers of Commerce are increasingly involved in non-commercial areas, such as education, human relations, environmental, cultural and governmental concerns. These challenges have caused Chambers of Commerce to become a viable force in seeking solutions to todayís social problems. We influence national, provincial and local legislation affecting business. The Chamber insures that their community is a good place to do business, raise a family and earn a living.

Who finances the Chamber?

The Chamber of Commerce is also a ìbusinessî and it incurs costs of operations and expenses similar to any other type of business. These expenses are primarily met by membership fees and members represent all types of business, industry and the profession. All share a mutual desire to achieve a better community for all its citizens. Chamber of Commerce membership is an investment in the present and future welfare of both the individual and their community.

Why Join the Chamber?

The Chamber of Commerce is a voice for its community and businesses ñ unceasingly promoting their products and services ñ and at the same time is their watchdog ñ protecting their interest, particularly in the political arena. The 500 plus Chambers in Canada have great networking and lobbying capacity for member as they operate on a provincial, regional and national basis. This united voice of the Chamber of Commerce has often proven effective and beneficial to business where a single voice can go unheard. The benefit of belonging to the Chamber is full-time representation and year-round results.

It's Everybody's Chamber

Basic to all activities of the Chamber is its unifying influence. Through committee involvement, every chamber member can contribute to an organized effort that is mutually beneficial to their community and to themselves. Over the years, Chamber of Commerce operations, attitudes and programs have changed to meet the challenges of today. However, one premise remains intact: the integral role of involvement and concerned business people to protect, preserve and improve our free enterprise system.

Today as it was in 1750 when the first Board of Trade in Canada was formed in Halifax, the basic concept has remained the same: a voluntary organization representing the business community marshalling the energies and efforts of its membership toward the accomplishment of common goals.

Where We Fit In

We are a member of the Nova Scotia Chambers of Commerce, the chief advocacy group for more than 6700 business owners province-wide. It is comprised of 32 Chambers of Commerce across the province.

We currently have 62 members, ranging from Home Based Businesses upwards. This is a 54% increase from 2010.

What We Are

• A Business Group working for businesses, and therefore both the voice of the business community and a network

• A Lobby Group (Between Business and Government)

• Advocates (Publicly support our local business and make recommendation on their behalf)

• A Facilitator (Music Nova Scotia)

• The conscience of the business community.

• Partners with the Region of Queens and other authorities/agencies in fostering economic development

What We Are Not

• Social Group

• Community Representative

• Catch All Group

• Revenue Generator

• Business Saviour

• Problem solver

Our Challenges

• Key challenge is to position ourselves, whether as an individual organisation or in partnership, so that we add value

• Secondary challenge, within that, is identifying issues that are within the ability of a volunteer organisation to tackle

• Overcoming apathy and achieving the engagement necessary to make a difference

Strategic Objectives

Work in progress, but drawing from the above, and in broad terms, our strategic objectives are to:

• Be effective advocates for businesses in the South Queens area in order to bring their issues to the attention of the appropriate organisation

• Achieve partnerships both within and out with government in order to contribute to the Region’s economic development

• Improve the added value resulting from Chamber membership in order to facilitate business development and a sense of shared ownership



• 10 to 20 Project (RQM/SQCoFC/NQBoT).

• Raise the profile of, and value added by, the CofC

• Sponsor Workshop series to educate and inform business owners and staff

• Recruit Home Based Businesses

• Improve partnerships with RQM, LQRDA, etc

Facilitation of the Music Nova Scotia bid


• Facilitate the Federal Election debate