Response from Major Clarke: Tendering Process for Town Hall Reno

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Read letter to South Queens Chamber from Major Clarke, regarding our letter expressing concerns over the lack of tendering for the renovation work on the old Town Hall.

November 5 2014
Robin Anthony President
South Queens Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 1378
Liverpool NS BOT 1K0

Dear Robin,

Thank you for your letter of October 31 2014 with regard to contracting out the work at the Town Hall.

The Region’s decision to carry out the work with its own employees should not in any way be interpreted as casting any kind of aspersion on our local contractors nor local tradespersons. We are well aware that we are fortunate to have some very competent contractors in our area and some very good skilled trades personnel.

The discussion concerning the Municipal gsovernment decision to maintain a Works Department and to do a significant amount of work with its own crews has been ongoing for years Time has shown that it is more effective and efficient to use our workforce.

In the case of the Town Hall the only practical way to have contracted out the work involved would have been on a cost plus basis With the many unknowns that inevitably arise in modifying a heritage building it would have been very difficult to budget the work on this basis.


Christopher Clarke

c Region of Queens Municipality Council
Kathleen Rafuse CAO
Brad Rowter Director of Engineering Works

Download Letter in PDF format: Letter from Major Clarke

Letter to Region of Queens: Region’s Tendering Process

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Letter from South Queens Chamber of Commerce to Major Clarke and Region of Queens

October 31, 2014
Mayor Christopher Clarke
Region of Queens Municipality,
P. O. Box 1264,
Liverpool, NS
B0T 1K0

Your Worship:

I am writing on behalf of the South Queens Chamber of Commerce to express concern with the lack of tendering for building trades projects funded by the Region of Queens.

The Chamber represents more than 90 businesses and individuals in South Queens. Our members are keenly interested in promoting economic activity in our region and we have been very supportive of the exciting project to revive the old Liverpool Town Hall to become a year-round cultural centre on Main Street.

We are disappointed, however, that the work on this and other Region of Queens municipal building projects were not open to tender by the private sector.

South Queens has an extensive, qualified building trades sector, including both suppliers and contractors. They employ certified carpenters and related building tradespeople, and they provide apprenticeship work opportunities for young learners – the people we are so challenged to retain in our rural area. They have worked on heritage properties, constructed commercial and residential buildings, and performed restorations and remodels.

The building trades sector in South Queens is experienced in scoping and bidding on projects locally, regionally and, in some cases, provincially. They compete by expertly planning and completing projects, on time and on budget. They are also taxpayers and as such are keenly interested in seeing public works in the Region completed cost effectively.

The Chamber is aware that provincial regulations prohibit municipalities from favouring local contractors in tendering processes. Our members are confident that they can offer competitive bids. If a lower cost bid is submitted from a qualified company outside our area, our members, as taxpayers, understand that the Region’s first priority must be to ensure that its projects are completed well, at the lowest cost possible.

The South Queens Chamber of Commerce respectfully requests that, in future, the Region of Queens open building and construction projects to tender by qualified private sector builders.

Robin Anthony


Letter of Support: Liverpool Town Hall Transformation

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Letter from South Queens Chamber of Commerce to Major Clarke and Region of Queens

April 17, 2014

Mayor Clarke,

I am writing on behalf of the South Queens Chamber of Commerce to express our support for the Region of Queens initiative to transform the old Liverpool Town Hall into a year round center for cultural and artistic activity.

The majestic “Town Hall” building is a prominent feature located in the geographic center of Liverpool’s down town business district. The Region’s planned redesign of the space will pro-vide a new entrance and lobby for the Astor Theatre as well as spaces for artistic, heritage and cultural exhibits and events which will be open throughout the seasons. These exciting changes are welcomed by the business community, not only in downtown Liverpool, but throughout South Queens.

At present, performances at the Astor Theatre attract over 15,000 people each year, more than half of whom come from outside of Queens. Their presence creates economic activity within both of Liverpool’s main business districts, at Exit 19 and in the downtown, as well as with busi-nesses along their travel routes.

By enhancing the Astor Theatre, and providing a center for cultural and artistic activities, the Town Hall project will result in more reasons for people to visit South Queens. Our businesses will have the opportunity to interest these visitors in staying, eating and shopping with us. In ad-dition, by creating a core of year round activities in the Town Hall building, the down town busi-ness district will experience new traffic and renewed energy.

The South Queens Chamber of Commerce supports this project and looks forward to the cultural and economic benefits that will flow into our community from its completion.

Robin Anthony, President

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