“Maritime Link” : NS Chamber Submission to URB

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The Nova Scotia Chamber of Commerce  submitted a letter to the URB on the issue of the Maritime Link, and application by NSP Maritime Link Inc.

This project proposes to route energy from Muskrat Falls through Newfoundland to Nova Scotia.   The Chamber raises points of concern relating to project cost, risk to ratepayers, and whether energy alternatives have been thoroughly explored.

Read the NS Chamber Commerce – submission to URB on Maritime Link (PDF).

Nova Scotia Chambers of Commerce “Cautious on Provincial Budget”

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News Release from Nova Scotia Chambers of Commerce on their assessment of the provincial 2013-2014 budget.

Nova Scotia Chambers

Nova Scotia Chambers

NS Chamber Cautious on Budget

The Chair of the NS Chamber of Commerce said today that business is getting mixed signals from the budget presented by the government of Nova Scotia on Thursday, April 4/2013.

 For Immediate Release
Chris Atwood, Chair of the NS Chamber said that “the business community sees some positive points in the budget such as the projected overall reduction of departmental expenses and that many small Nova Scotia businesses will benefit from the changes in the small business tax rate”.

Atwood also expressed concern about the size of the debt, now at $14 billion, and the planned reduction of civil servants is not on target. “The cost of servicing this debt load will grow while the cost reductions in staff are behind schedule”.

He noted that there is support for small business owners for innovation and learning programs but the NS Chamber in their Pre-budget statement asked for: a balanced budget, lower debt, lower cost of debt service, lower costs of services, in people and for more service delivery by the private sector.

Also, the Auditor General’s letter accepted the assumptions on revenue but did not express an opinion on the expense projections or the projected year end 2012-2013 year end estimates. “With all the rhetoric, we’re not sure the budget is balanced given that health care expenditures are projected to grow at a mere 1.3%, debt is higher- $14 billion, the cost of servicing the debt will be higher going forward and there is new program spending” Atwood said.


Contact Info
Chris Atwood, Chair NS Chamber
902- 740-4132

Wayne Fiander, Executive Director

NS Chambers of Commerce News Release 2013-2014 Provincial Budget (PDF)

NS Chambers of Commerce – 2013 Pre-Budget Submission

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NS Chambers of Commerce  have sent a 2013 Pre-Budget Submission to the Minister of Finance.

While government usually does not respond directly, we will watch for the outcome to determine the direction of the annual budget. Both the Minister of Finance and the Premier have been waffling lately on whether or not the budget will be balanced. Therefore we deal with it first as a commitment that must be met. Please insure this message is given to representatives of the government should the opportunity avail itself to you.

There are six recommendations that you should be aware of :

Summary of Recommendations

  • Page 1 – The budget must be balanced in 2013-14
  • Page 4 – (The) small business tax rates should be at zero in rural Nova Scotia (when the budget is balanced).  Further, the three tier taxation levels for the business sector should be consolidated to two with the small business threshold increased from $400,000 to $500,000.
  • Page 4 – Other areas for reduced spending should be to eliminate rebates on electrical energy for those families over $50,000 in income.
  • Page 5- New Brunswick for example, caps the multiple at 150%.  This cap should be in place in Nova Scotia to limit the variance between residential and commercial taxpayers.
  • Page 6 – Our report also recommended that government seriously study alternative revenue models such as income and HST options as these two taxes represent the “fair” taxes.
  • Page 6 – The URB should be instructed to change this outdated policy (demand metering) so that business pay for the energy actually consumed.


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